Een commentaar uit Turkije over de terroristische aanslagen in Brussel

Op de Engelstalige website Libcom plaatste ik een samenvatting voor een internationaal publiek van mijn bijdrage aan dit blog over ‘Brussel’. Daarop verscheen een reactie, die ik hieronder weergeef, samen met mijn antwoord.


Comment April, 3rd 2016

To be honest, I don’t think that tiny left communist groups making statements about this or that bombing makes the slightest bit of difference. I doubt that these statements are distributed to the masses of workers, and I’d imagine that it’s just the same few people reading them as usually do, who know what they are going to say anyway.

Certainly some groups didn’t make a statement on the Brussels bombings. I don’t think any of them made a statement on the Ankara bombings either, over the last six months Ankara has had the highest death toll from terrorism of any city in the world. Why then should they issue a statement on this one?


Reply April, 5th 2016

Thank you for showing up at Libcom and sharing your thoughts.

I believe sharing our thoughts from a proletarian perspective actually makes a difference, even if individuals do so.

That’s what I have appealed for, with the modest means of a blog and small scale distribution of a leaflet, aiming at ‘Dutch’ and immigrant workers in the Netherlands after the bombings in Turkey, at places I was well aware that could be the target of a next terrorist attack. Attacks that took place one day later in Brussels. Attacks that undoubtedly will take place in the Netherlands in a near future.

I have no idea if the two groups that published leaflets after the bombings in Brussels you seems to address to, have been able to distribute their leaflets on a large scale. You seem to believe this is necessary. But nobody can do more than what is in his or her capacities. An important part of these capacities, for each as an individual and as a group, is motivation, that can only develop in a process of critical interaction between deep feelings of class solidarity and conscious analyses of the relationships of forces between the classes. No ‘democratic-centralist discipline’ can substitute for this motivation.

This is period of growing crisis, repression, ideological campaigns, unfolding wars, with direct and severe consequences for the working class. We are all ravaged between feelings of unity as a class or dispersion between the capitalist divisions of nation, language, religion, culture, profession, industry, employment, kind of labour contract or passport. Class action clearly lags behind. This makes us think in a sphere of doubt in which we should find the freedom to express ourselves and to speak out loud our thoughts.

I don’t think the number of victims of terrorist attacks in ‘our’ respective countries should be a hindrance to this discussion. In this sense: welcome back Devrim!

Internationalist greetings,


Voor het vervolg verwijs ik naar Libcom.

Een commentaar uit Turkije over de terroristische aanslagen in Brussel

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